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What is a Stolen Car Check?

Carrying out a stolen car check can help you understand whether a vehicle has been stolen. Accordingly, this may allow you to more accurately decide whether your chosen vehicle is likely a safe purchase or not.

This stolen car check reveals data from the PNC (Police National Computer) and the MAIFTR (Motor Insurers Anti-Fraud and Theft Register) database.

How Do I Run a Stolen Car Check?

Simply provide the vehicle’s number plate in the box above, and our software will quickly let you know about the status of the car. If the car has been stolen, it can allow you to avoid accidentally buying a vehicle that’s been taken from someone else.

What is Included in a Stolen Car Check?

A stolen car check can offer numerous vital pieces of information regarding the status of a vehicle. In turn, this can help you make a more informed decision regarding the purchase.

Some key pieces of information that the test can provide include:

Stolen police source

Stolen status and date

Police report

Stolen registration and last four VIN

Altogether, this information can make it incredibly clear if a car you are interested in is genuine. If it’s not, make sure you report the seller to the police.

Frequently asked questions

Why run a stolen car check?

Conducting a stolen check allows you to determine whether the car you are interested in has been flagged as stolen and when such a mark was made. In case of any suspicion, you can promptly contact the police to obtain comprehensive details and ensure a safe and legal purchase process.

Is there a free stolen check?

Yes, our free car check provides a stolen check. The free stolen check only includes the police national computer, and for complete coverage under the data guarantee, you would need to purchase a full check.

If my car is stolen will I get my money back?

In the unfortunate event of unknowingly purchasing a stolen car, it is unlikely that you will be able to recover your money. If your insurance company offers coverage for such incidents, they will conduct a thorough investigation, which may take several months, to verify the legitimacy of the claim and ensure there is no fraud involved.

If they establish that you genuinely acquired the car in good faith and your policy is valid, there is a possibility of receiving partial reimbursement for some of the costs incurred, though this is not guaranteed in all cases.

Can I just give the car back to the seller?

If you happen to discover that the car you bought is stolen, it is crucial to take immediate action by contacting the police and obtaining a report number from them. This step is essential to cooperate with the police and resolve the situation appropriately.


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