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What is a Car Number Plate Check?

A car number plate check is a history check that works with the car’s records to highlight some key information about the vehicle, such as whether it has undergone a plate change, MOT history, financing information, and much more.

How Do I Get a Number Plate Check?

Carrying out a car number plate check is an incredibly simple process; all you’ll need is the current number plate that’s registered to the car. When input into a checking system, this will then show numerous pieces of important information that can help you verify the authenticity of the purchase.

What is Included in a Number Plate Check?

There are numerous potential concerns that a car number plate check can highlight, such as the following:

Ensuring the vehicle’s number plate is correct: If you have been given the wrong number plate for the car, you may end up purchasing a vehicle that’s not actually genuine.

View history relating to past number plates: When number plates have been changed, you may lose a lot of information relating to it. Luckily, a car number plate check offers a more thorough solution, highlighting information relating to the vehicle’s whole lifespan.

See if the car has been written off: If a seller tries to pass off a non-roadworthy car as roadworthy (knowingly or otherwise), you could end up facing very severe fines.

View mileage estimates: It’s not illegal for a seller to change the mileage showing on a car. However, it is illegal if they sell this car without informing you! A car history check allows you to estimate whether the car’s current mileage is likely to be accurate.

Frequently asked questions

Can my car’s number plate be given to another car?

No. A number plate can only be assigned to any one car; if that vehicle is destroyed, the number plate should also be. The only exception is if the owner of a personalised number plate requests to keep it with the DVLA.

How can I see a car’s past owners?

You can’t directly see the past owners of a car, unless you contact the DVLA. However, number plate checks reveal how many previous owners had the vehicle in their name.

Should I be concerned if my car’s plate was changed?  

A changed number plate is technically not a cause of concern; however, this could also indicate that the seller is trying to hide a vehicle’s poor history.

How can I view my car’s original number plate?

If you want to view your car’s original number plate, running a car history check on the current plate can also bring up history on that vehicle’s past plates.


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