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What do we check?

80+ data checks including:
Outstanding finance check
Stolen check (police & insurance)
Written off check
Logbook loan check
Mileage check

£30,000 Data Guarantee

Our full check comes with a £30,000 data guarantee.

Providing you total peace of mind on your next reg check.

Reg Check

Our reg check includes 80+ data checks.

We provide a complete and comprehensive reg check for only £8.99.

What is a free car check?

Our free car check contains over 20 fields of data about the vehicle. Enter a reg number plate into the search section to reveal detailed car history information for free including:

Vehicle details including car make, model, fuel type, engine size and BHP.

Road tax details include CO2 emissions, graph, expiry date, cost, and surcharge.

MOT history check includes details of all previous MOTs, advisory notes and causes of failure.

Checks a vehicle against the Police National Computer (PNC) for stolen records.

Checks for mileage issues/discrepancies for vehicles registered in the UK.

Real world fuel costs, fuel economy, and vehicle performance.

Check if the car is recorded as exported.

What is a reg check?

Get a detailed vehicle history when you conduct a car reg check on any vehicle registered with DVLA in the UK. Our reg check contains over 80+ fields of data about detailed car history information including:

Outstanding finance check: This data will highlight if a vehicle has a current financial agreement registered against it. Outstanding Finance Data is provided by Experian Ltd. Car finance check includes the finance details, contact and duration term.

Written off check: Our check reveals if a vehicle has been involved in an accident and declared an insurance write off. This data is supplied by the insurance industry (MIAFTR) and includes the loss data, type and damaged areas.

Stolen check: A stolen car check if a vehicle theft has been recorded on the Police National Computer or on the MIAFTR (Motor insurance fraud and theft register) database.

Car owner check: Check the total number of previous owners recorded by the DVLA, which includes previous owners purchase date.

Mileage check: This check will tell you if the car has been clocked or any mileage discrepancies. This data is obtained from MOT records and will reveal clocking, or vehicle mileage fraud.

£30,000 data guarantee: Our Full Check comes with a £30,000 data guarantee. For total peace of mind, we got you covered on every full check purchased with us.

Additionally, our reg check includes details such as imported/exported, number plate change, scrapped/unscrapped, colour changes, VIN/chassis, engine number, and much more.

Why Choose Reg Check UK?

Excellent customer service

We provide excellent customer service that guarantees support to our customers. You can count on us to provide excellent service and value for money.

You can trust our checks

We get our data from officially licensed partners such as the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA), insurance companies, police and finance companies.

Car reg check

Our car reg check reveals a complete history of a car.

Including over 80 data fields covering outstanding finance, stolen, written off and much more.

Car History Check

Reg Check UK is not the first UK website to start offering car history checks. The first company that started offering them was the company that is now known as HPI Limited. Please note, Reg Check UK is not affiliated with HPI check.

Currently, a number of websites offer vehicle history checks including Car Check, HPI Check, Car CheckerTotalCarCheck, Car Check, Reg Check, Vehicle Check, InstantCarCheck, MyCarCheck, Car Analytics, CarVeto, AA Car Check, Regit and TextReg.

Whilst a customer has multiple options, we pride ourselves in offering comprehensive, affordable and easy to understand reports.

Frequently asked questions

What is a free car check?

We include basic details like the vehicle’s make, model, V5C logbook date, MOT history, road tax, bhp, and mileage check. We also offer a free stolen check for our customers with an account.

Should I buy a car history check?

A history check is crucial before purchasing a vehicle. It will reveal important information such as if a vehicle has an outstanding finance agreement attached to it, or if it has ever been involved in an incident that resulted in an insurance firm classifying the vehicle as a write off. 

How much is a premium report?

Our standard check is £3.99 and a full check is £8.99. Our full check is the most comprehensive and is covered by our £30,000 data guarantee.

When are my tax and MOT due?

Enter the car reg number to check the tax and MOT due date. You can also use the GOV.UK MOT history and DVLA vehicle tax tools.

How to check if a car is insured?

Our free reg check reveals the car insurance group. Use the online service askMID to check your vehicle has a valid insurance policy


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