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Car salvage check includes damage photos and auction details

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What is a Car Salvage Check?

A salvage history check provides insight into whether a vehicle has experienced previous damage and was subsequently sold at a salvage auction.

This salvage check reveals details such as the date of the incident, damage photos, mileage at the time, location, and a description.

The Importance of a Salvage Check

Generally speaking, a salvage history check is designed to help reassure buyers that the vehicle they’ve purchased is genuine and has not been involved in a major write-off.

In cases where a vehicle’s information has not been correctly recorded in the industry-standard MIAFTR database, the salvage check can still help uncover whether the vehicle has been previously declared a write-off. It may offer additional insights into the extent of damage and the extent of repair work that has been undertaken.

Key Features of Salvage History Checks

A salvage history check highlights some key information relating to your vehicle’s past. Some of the key features include:

Summarising the damage sustained by a vehicle (often with images)

Providing data relating to the vehicle’s mileage and general description

Outlining the full salvage history with pictures and locations for the car

Frequently asked questions

Is it worth buying a salvage car?

A salvage car can be an incredibly valuable purchase in many cases. Purchasing a salvage car can often be a good opportunity, offering considerable savings, provided you are willing to put in some extra effort before hitting the road with your new vehicle.

What is included in a car salvage check?

Car salvage checks provide numerous key pieces of information, including the full reg check and details including the damage photos.

Can I get a salvage car back on the road?

If you have purchased a salvage car, it will need to be repaired fully before it can be driven on the road.

Can I register a salvage car with the DVLA?

You will need to contact the DVLA to see whether it can be registered as a roadworthy vehicle.


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